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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The other "Be Good" story

 Yes, I know, if it weren't for the video (which I mostly love), there's a whole nother story that'd fit Gregory Porter's song, "Be Good."  (When I saw the mini-Cupid I was expecting this story, or some Little Girl story.)

I'm thinking like Toy Story.  The Lion is a stuffed toy, and thinks the little girl is named Be Good because Mommy and Daddy say that to her a lot.

Now we need the cage.  Okay, how about this: The Lion was actually a favorite toy of Grandma or maybe even Great Grandma.  It's an antique, and Mommy sees that as it's value and doesn't want it damaged (further, given it was a favorite toy).  So she keeps it locked up in a glass cabinet.

The little girl believes toys are to be played with, and wants the Lion out, but Mommy says "Lions are meant for cages..." and so on.   So the lion brushes his main and trims his claws, to be a better Lion, but Mommy Says...

And he sees the girl dance around the cabinet, but he can't get out, and she can't get in.  

And of course, the ending scene is the little girl walking away with The Lion in her hand.  How they get there?  An exercise for the Reader, of course.

Be Good.

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