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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Be Good


One of those songs, so simple, everyone understands it differently. 

Love song, sure, I hear that. Romantic love, could be, or familial love works, too, because it's "Be Good."

He's a lion, our protagonist. She tells him to "Be Good" so often he's determined it's her name. And he tries to Be Good, brushes and cuts his mane, trims his claws, to be a Good lion. And what he gets back is "She said, 'Lions are made for cages / Just to look at in delight / You dare not let them walk around / 'Cause they might just bite.'" He can't both be free and be a Lion, because Lions are made for cages. But she dances around outside his cage, pulling his tail, being what he can't be, because of course he's a Lion, and...

You'll note the song leaves him a well-groomed Lion, but still a Lion. Can't not be. I think that's Good.

If you've seen Pierre Bennu's official music video, it has one possible positive ending. His little micro-Cupid keeps giving him stuff to change, "You should smile more!" "You should act more happy!" But she treats him just the same.

I know it's your song. It should be, it's one of those songs. 
But that's me. I'm on the Autistic Spectrum.  I get my tail pulled, I get smile more, be more happy, don't be so focused or unfocused or look me in the eye or...  I brush my mane and  trim my claws, but I'm still a Lion.

And, sometimes a Dancer.

Be Good.


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