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Saturday, July 16, 2022

The keyboard, revisited

Remember the other day I did a post about my two defective iClever keyboards, money I'll never get back?
Well, today I'm trying something stupidly simple, that in retrospect is almost obvious -- not quite, but almost.
Grabbed my USB to Go adapter, plugged in a small but conventional USB wired keyboard, and plugged the adapter into my Fire tablet -- and Bob's yer uncle. Works as well as can be expected.  No touchpad on this particular keyboard, but I only used the touchpad on the iClever keyboards when doing the try-the-touchpad thing.
Keyboard's too damn big and the cable's too damn long to be convenient, but it does work just fine for touch typing, which is important to my aging former-secretary ass.  Downside, the Fire has exactly one USB port, so if the keyboard is plugged in, the power brick isn't.  So typing is inherently time-limited by the Fire battery.
I should take a picture of this setup, if I can figure out which camera to use. I'm not entirely sure how many I have at this point.


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