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Friday, November 26, 2021

YouTube -- people seem interested, but do I have the skills?

 As it happens, for many of my podcasts over on there are corresponding copies in automatically created video form over on Basically it's a "card" of the cover graphic for the audio version with the audio attached.

Some folks have asked if I could turn those copies into playlists, and that isn't very hard if all the files actually made the trip to YouTube.  Where they didn't I'd have to find a way to either get the rest over or manually create these half-baked YouTube videos.  Or, I could re-record them with me in talking-head mode, thus making them more (or less) acceptable in YouTube.

One whole book (Eugenics) is now a playlist there, because I had all the files.

Everlasting Man is very popular, but not all the files are on the YouTube side.

There may be others I can turn into playlists successfully, but we'll see.

Really don't feel comfortable trying to do live or recorded videos.  Might be a lack of enthusiasm for my own appearance, might be an Autistic thing, might be a current lack of capacity to edit video.  Used to have a program for video editing, but that was when I was in broadcasting school, and that's long gone for whatever reason.

So... guess I'll do what I can, and scratch my head over the rest?


UPDATE:  I've now created playlists of five of the books I've recorded on my podcast.  Still have several to do.  In one, I wasn't able to include one chapter because I couldn't get Libsyn to resend the file, so I couldn't include it.

So possible, yes.  Easy, not so much.

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