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Friday, November 26, 2021

I will say this...

 As part of trying to put my YouTube content into Playlists, I started listening to "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mill.

Now I will grant that Mill's stance on most things was one a Christian of his time would have taken.  But ya know, I listen to his arguments for listening to those who disagree and realize I'm not listening.

And then...

I counter to myself that my objection is not to disagreement with me. My argument is with listening to those who are not at all interested in disagreeing with me, because that might result in me disagreeing with them.  They don't want to dispute, they want to insult.  In their inflamed eyes, I am not wrong because of what I believe, I am wrong because I am stupid,  I must be because I don't immediately agree, and bow down to their indisputable superiority.

If you're looking to explain why you think I'm wrong, I'm likely to listen.

If you looking to explain how I'm a stupid POS for having the nerve to have a belief other than yours, thank you and the horse you rode in on and everything you stand for.

And your mother, and your mother's Army boots.  And your father, not that you know his name...

A great number of people disagree with me, and they are quite often correct.  

 On the other hand, I learned about bullying in Kindergarten, and my "zero tolerance for bullying" is a bit more radical than any school with a "Zero Tolerance For Bullying" policy, but has not zero bullying.  Gave me a whole 'nother attitude toward bullies.

I'm all about free speech.  But (a) your freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose, and (b) your freedom to attempt to insult me ends at the end of your nose, if'n ya know wudda mean.

Let's talk.  (grin)


YouTube -- people seem interested, but do I have the skills?

 As it happens, for many of my podcasts over on there are corresponding copies in automatically created video form over on Basically it's a "card" of the cover graphic for the audio version with the audio attached.

Some folks have asked if I could turn those copies into playlists, and that isn't very hard if all the files actually made the trip to YouTube.  Where they didn't I'd have to find a way to either get the rest over or manually create these half-baked YouTube videos.  Or, I could re-record them with me in talking-head mode, thus making them more (or less) acceptable in YouTube.

One whole book (Eugenics) is now a playlist there, because I had all the files.

Everlasting Man is very popular, but not all the files are on the YouTube side.

There may be others I can turn into playlists successfully, but we'll see.

Really don't feel comfortable trying to do live or recorded videos.  Might be a lack of enthusiasm for my own appearance, might be an Autistic thing, might be a current lack of capacity to edit video.  Used to have a program for video editing, but that was when I was in broadcasting school, and that's long gone for whatever reason.

So... guess I'll do what I can, and scratch my head over the rest?


UPDATE:  I've now created playlists of five of the books I've recorded on my podcast.  Still have several to do.  In one, I wasn't able to include one chapter because I couldn't get Libsyn to resend the file, so I couldn't include it.

So possible, yes.  Easy, not so much.

Thursday, November 25, 2021


 So, two things:

Since I don't have Twitter anymore, I don't have a place to drop short bon mots I think are clever -- if they're not clever, they're not bon mots.

Other thing, Kewl Term from the "It's a Thing" podcast, namely: Google-splaining.  (Punctuation my own, choose your own.)  Somewhat derived from the term man-splaining, which same term annoys the heck out of me. But I digress.

Basically, when someone did a Google search or two ("my own research") and then feels they can explain the details of something to everyone, including people who actually understand the subject, they're Google-splaining.  They may have used any of the search engines, but it's Google-splaining.

I like the term for a number of reasons, especially that when you hear or see it you instantly know what it means.

Didn't ya?

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Something nice

 Was being let through a bunch of YouTube shows about Star Trek, and ended up in "Star Trek Continues," a fan fiction collection of episodes intended to follow ST:TOS in the same style, with the same characters, albeit different actors.

Nice to see that Grant Imahara got to play Sulu.  I'm sure he was thrilled to have the opportunity, or so it seems to me.  Died a while back, but got to live some dreams.

Live your dreams while you're young enough, strong enough and healthy enough. You won't get more later, of any of the four.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Something stupid

 So, I made one really horrible pun on Twitter and got a big response.

Then I said something impulsive and in extremely bad taste and got a big response.  Most of it angry, and rightfully so, it was a terrible thing to say.

So I deleted the post and deactivated the account, and 30 days from now my account will be deleted, as long as I keep my hands off of it.

I don't want to be that guy, and I don't want to be in a place that makes me feel that way, so I am liable to just let it die.  Already quit Facebook months ago, I honestly forget how long.

Social media is not media, and neither is it particularly social.  So barring major changes, I'm done with it.

I apologize.  That was hideous.

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