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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

GG20200616 -- Eugenics by G K Chesterton Part 2 Chapter 8 and 9

"Eugenics and Other Evils," by G.K. Chesterton, published in 1922.

Chapter 8 -- The End of the Household Gods:

"The only place where it is possible to find an echo of the mind of the English masses is either in conversation or in comic songs. The latter are obviously the more dubious; but they are the only things recorded and quotable that come anywhere near it."

Chapter 9 -- A Short Chapter:

"Round about the year 1913 Eugenics was turned from a fad to a fashion. Then, if I may so summarise the situation, the joke began in earnest. The organising mind which we have seen considering the problem of slum population, the popular material and the possibility of protests, felt that the time had come to open the campaign. ... But as a matter of fact this is not the first chapter but the last. And this must be a very short chapter, because the whole of this story was cut short. A very curious thing happened. England went to war. This would in itself have been a sufficiently irritating interruption in the early life of Eugenette, and in the early establishment of Eugenics. But a far more dreadful and disconcerting fact must be noted. With whom, alas, did England go to war? England went to war with the Superman in his native home."

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  1. Dear Grizzly,

    I've tried various other ways to reach you including leaving a voice message on your site/email, but those options don't seem to be working today. Just messaging to say that today, I was doing a bit of life-reflection today and I realised how grateful I am to have gotten so interested in Chesterton about 10 years ago. The man has truly changed my life for the better and your audio versions of Orthodoxy and Heretics were the key that unlocked the door for me. Sadly, I probably would have gotten bored with the text copies of them, but being able to listen to yours as I walked to and from work-at an unpleasant time in my life-meant that the old boy crept up on me and has been hanging around in my mind ever since. So it's about time I said thank you! All the best to you,



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