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Saturday, April 4, 2020

A Comment on Comments

Was just going through my post Comments, seeing if there was anything I needed to know about.  Trouble is, what they call "comment spam" is intended to look just like a normal comment, so it gets passed through and posted.  And some comments are preliminary to comment spam, testing to see if a blog has wide-open comment settings with no moderation, so they know if it'd be an easy place to spam whoever reads the blog.
I don't have anything exciting to offer, so I doubt many people read any of this.  Also, much of the "content" is just transcribed automatically from my Libsyn blog for my podcast.  The podcast may be interesting, but the post is just the shownotes from the podcast and a link to the 'cast itself, certainly nothing you'd call an Article or an informative Post.  So when I see a comment about what a wonderful article I wrote... yeah, not so much.
I did scan through all the comments, and for those of you who (may have) actually intended to comment, thanks.  Sorry there's so much crap that I can't be sufficiently sure yours ain't to be able to post it.
If you're a comment spammer, you're boring and annoying me and your posts have entered the bit bucket, never to be seen again.  Take it elsewhere.
 -- Griz

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