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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thanks for the help

Trying to puzzle out what should be a simple question in LSL, the Linden Scripting Language used in Second Life.  I want to read one small patch of data off one small web page so I can use it in my script.

Went through several groups that purport to offer help on scripting.  I'm fairly good with the bits I've done before, but llHTTPRequest I have used vanishingly little, though with some success.

Found exactly one person who helped a bit.  He couldn't stay long.

Other than him, what did I get for asking?  Asked in a couple of different "Support" groups.  Got answers that translate to "See, I'm smarter than you, nyah nyah nyah?"  This they call help.

The LSL Wiki is like most references.  It will answer all your questions, if you already know the answers.

What an utterly poisonous experience.  I'd like to believe there are better folks out there somewhere.  But maybe they all left Second Life, as they all appear to have left Washington DC.

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