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Sunday, May 28, 2017

New "Event Kicker"

After Saturday May 27, 2017, the store bought, weekly-paying, 7Seas Prize board is gone from Pie Island Fishing. Too many complaints.

I scripted something I'm calling Event Kicker that'll automatically run periodic contests and optionally pay prize money, but in a way I'm more comfortable with.  I can add the features I think are important, rather than buy a package and wish they had the features I wanted.

You may even like it. 

It's in try-with-extreme-caution Alpha now, don't know if it'd ever reach Beta.  There are better ones,
but with this I can choose and write my own Cool New Features.
By default (so far) out of X payout, it pays 50 percent to 1st, 30 to 2nd and 20 to 3rd. 

The pot does it's own thing.

Thursday - 7 pm - L$250
Friday - 7 pm - L$250
Saturday - 7 pm - L$1000
Sunday - 7 pm - L$1000
Monday - 7 pm - L$250
Tuesday - 7 pm - L$250
Wednesday - 7 pm - L$250

By the way, the tourboats and the tour balloons have fishing servers in them, so you could fish and
tour if'n ya wanted.  But you'd end up out of range of the Contest.

I appreciate your patience.  Thanks for all your visits to Pie Island Fishing.  See you around.

Happy Fishing!

Grizzly Silversmith

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