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Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm sorry

I made, perhaps, a mistake in reading Twitter for several hours tonight.

I follow a lot of people who are on the same political Side as I am.  Don't think it's a party thing anymore, just people who think we shouldn't be a shining example of hate and intolerance to the rest of the world.

The other Side elected a President who feels he has a mandate to be a bully and say it's on behalf of all of us.  It may well be that many who voted for him are saying to themselves "What the hell is this?" now.  But it's too late.  He was elected.  And he's got a Congress who will say nothing, and soon a Supreme Court who'll collectively do the same.

Even if every single person who voted for him changed their minds tomorrow, the Status Quo will remain for at least two years.  The midterm elections might change the balance, though I doubt that. And given the destruction that's been wrought already in only a few days, two years will be too long.

If the President were gone tomorrow, we'd still have his Vice President, and we'd still have the same band of idiots in Congress. I'd compare it to the "Basic Training Stress Curve."  If you're not familiar, when you first get to Basic, you spend a week or three getting screamed at and stressed out.  A few weeks in, they stop screaming quite so often.  You're still stressed, but compared to the earlier weeks it seems like relaxation.  You may not actually poop for six weeks straight.  But you're "relaxed."

After however-long with the current President, even if he left, we'd still have Pence. Who might be less Evil, though you'll note he's nodding and smiling and going along. We'd think he was Good. Because we would have lost touch with a real sense of what Good is actually like.

People have been marching in the streets, and I respect their intent.  They marched by the millions. And the President is still doing what he does.  And Congress is going along, while doing their own evil and spewing their own lies. So I feel in my gut it's too late already. I wish it wasn't. I'd be joyful if it wasn't. But I think it is.

I'm sorry.

I did what I was supposed to do. I voted for the candidate of my own Party -- not terribly exciting to me as an individual, but I think she would have been a good President. Not a great one, but at least good. Might have been great, I suppose. We'll never know. She got the majority of the popular vote, by a long long way. And it still didn't matter. We lost.

The destruction of the America I believe in has already started. The majority of the elected leaders are nodding and smiling and doing their own destruction, while profiting handsomely. And our leaders in business nod and smile and talk about how much money they'll make.

Someday, future generations will hate us, and look back, baffled, on how we could possibly have been so stupid.

Years ago, I recall reading "The Lives of the Ceasars," as I think it was titled. I noticed something. Every single solitary Ceasar promised to restore the Republic.

None of them did.

Sorry, kids. We screwed up.

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