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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Watch this!

Had a Microsoft Band I really liked.  I'm not even a little athletic -- well, I do bicycle in the summers, for transportation.  I mostly wanted a wristwatch that always showed the correct time.  The Band asked my phone, the phone asked the cell company, and I had the right time.  I liked the Band enough that I'm the owner of two of the special recharging cables that are utterly useless for anything but a Microsoft Band, so I could plug it in to charge at work.  Had maybe a day of battery life.

Got it on sale at Best Buy.  Seems they had too many of the large size left over.  Wasn't cheap, but cheaper than they usually were.  About 6 months after I got my Band,the hard rubber "band" part of it cracked, clean through.  (Probably the Large size being wrapped around my Medium wrist, excess stress on the materials.)  Only thing holding it together was the wiring through that part of the band.

Went to Best Buy for service, they said their contract with Microsoft meant I had to mail it to Microsoft for warranty service, more likely replacement.  Didn't want to do without it, so I superglued it back together.  Was fine for a while.

Month or so later, the battery stopped taking a charge.  So, non-useable Microsoft Band.  And two charging cables.

Thought about getting another Band, because of the charging cable thing.  But they're kinda pricey, and it was disappointing, and I don't entirely trust I wouldn't have another six-month watch.

So... tonight I found a Pebble watch on sale.  Functionality looks good.  Battery life claims look okay.  It's "Certified Refurbished" from the Geek Squad.  Yep, Best Buy again.  And of course, the Pebble uses a whole different proprietary charging cable.  I'll probably go ahead and get one.

Ever notice how much buying technology is like dating?

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