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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The (Dates and) Times, they are a changin'

Just a heads-up.

Since I started podcasting in 2007, I've numbered my podcasts, from grizz001 to grizz173.  Did the same with Hiber-Nation (GGHN0001 and so on).  I did things a bit differently with the IDSL, for example the December 11, 2011 episode was IDSL111211, yymmdd if you will.

One of several troubles with numbering is my sequence is constrained.  Already had grizz171 and 172 and 173 recorded with chapters of Everlasting Man, and I wanted to do a special Christmas episode.  So I had to insert a 171a.  Which was actually derived from GGHN0045, but who's counting?  Well, yeah, I am.

So sometime soon instead of starting with "Episode 174" et al, and numbering grizz174, the audio is just going to include the recording date, and the filename is going to end with year month day. 

Considering going with four-digit years.  Wouldn't want to run into Y3K issues in 984 years, of course.

What this may mean is a fairly open grid of evenly spaced regular podcasts (as much as I've ever managed that), with the occasional injection of more spur-of-the-moment podcasts on topics I just feel like talking about, with the dates (and track numbers will be tricky) putting them in the correct order.  Audio with recorded dates, filenames with posting dates, I'm thinking.

The numbering on both podcasts is low enough that this new numbering will still put the newly-numbered casts after the current ones.  Mostly.  Impulsive as I am, I might start doing this before I run out of the old ones.  So grizz20161229 is a possibility, for example.  I almost did this blogpost as a podcast.  But I'm kinda tired, and I didn't have much to say, as you can see.

Thoughts?  Should I bother with the four-digit years (yes, the Y3K stuff was facetious)?  Makes it more clearly a year...

I probably should have started that way, I suppose.  But it's 10 years too late now.

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