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Monday, September 5, 2016

Recapitulating Aggregation... Okay, right... wait, what?

Back when Yahoo! Pipes was working, I created a half-dozen different aggregate RSS feeds.  Some were kind of fun ideas.

Today I grabbed my old lists and played with a site called RSSMix to recreate a bunch of them, cause they used to be quite popular.

BLOGS -- MNVoices Aggregate Feed An aggregation of the latest posts from all the Blogs of participants in the Minnesota Voices Online UnConference.  The UnConference was way, way long ago, but the blogs appear to still be active.  Including mine, you'll notice.

My Chesterton on Podiobooks    All the Chesterton books in particular that I've posted to Podiobooks.  Everlasting Man isn't on there quite yet, that's only half done.  And as it works out, the current four books are on there in book order, starting with Heretics.

The NaNaPooPoo Network   After that one year when I completed National Podcast Post Month and National Blog Post Month, having done aggregate feeds for both, I decided to create NaNaPooPoo, an ad hoc network of podcasts all available in one feed.  Was originally just podcasts from NaPodPoMo (that's where the name came from).  Anyway, never really went anywhere.

With Pipes, I could have the feed only include the one latest post from each feed, even if the latest from one feed, say, might be a couple months old.  With the current setup, it'll just put all the items in chronological order.  Ain't the same.  But they're back in one-big-aggregate format, so it's something.


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