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Monday, September 26, 2016

I was sick today.

I was sick today.

Viral thing.  Basically been sick all week, possibly a couple weeks.  This morning got the full BLAM! of viral.  Called in to work, spent the day sleeping curled up under my usually-winter blanket.

Sad and ironic.  I had lots of time to myself, all day.  And of course the rumor is I'm a podcaster, and one would think all that time would allow me to podcast more.

Except, of course, with a sore throat, coughing and sneezing, talking into a microphone isn't a great option.  Hell, talking ain't my idea of a good time today.  Or these last couple weeks.

Once I'm actually able to speak comfortably again, I'll be back to wishing I could take some ridiculously long period of time to just podcast.  Get both of my book projects finally done with.  I'm down to the last 11 chapters on "Swinging Doors," and I've completed the first half of "The Everlasting Man." 

With some reasonable amount of time, I could actually finish Swinging Doors.   They're short chapters.  Do need to get that recording from Rosie for her part of the one chapter.  But I could do all the rest, and assemble in her portion later.

Everlasting Man, well, keep in mind basically every chapter is an hour long.  If you've ever tried talking for an hour continuously... it's not as easy as it might seem.  And then I have to stop for traffic noises outside, so recording that hour takes maybe two.  Then it takes maybe twice or three times that to do the editing.  I like the book, and frankly, I like the way I sound reading the book.  Till I get to the end of the chapter and start losing my voice.  At least one chapter I really struggled through.  Very ragged sounding.

Try that with a cold.  I'll wait.

So, I got an entire day to myself.  And I slept.  Which was the most I could do.  After a day of that, I don't feel as bad.  I don't feel good, but not as bad.  And I'll go back to work tomorrow and still be coughing and sneezing.  Probably. 

Someone said that a podcast actually is a business.  And I suppose, my podcast is a business.  It's a business at which I don't make any money.  Then again, how many huge businesses these days (cough-Twitter-cough) don't have a good money-making business model ... yet?  So... it's a business.

Sort of.

Could be pointed out that many very successful entrepreneurs started out making no money at all.  Repeatedly.  That's quite true.  It's also true that many, many more have continued to make no money at all for the rest of their lives.  Not like you'd ever hear about them, cause there's really nothing much to hear, is there?

Anyway, I'm sick today.  So, I don't suppose one can expect a positive life outlook, can one?  Maybe tomorrow.

(cough sneeze sniffle)

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