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Friday, March 11, 2016

Need a computer?

The folks at my Dayjob are updating the computers.  And they're giving away the old ones to employees like me.

So, today, I got yet another desktop computer.  Business-class, I guess you'd say.  Core 2 Duo the fella said, 2 gig of ram, 320 Gig HD, no OS on it, but I might be able to install Win7 on it -- still has the tag from the old Vista install, though the drive is wiped.  Then of course there's Linux, which I've never fiddled with much.

I now have in my lil bedroom two laptops, one of which is hooked up to two external monitors (mentioned elsewhere).  I have three desktops orphaned from Dayjob, with yet another monitor hooked up to the "newest" of those.  One conventional keyboard, one Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, two conventional mice not currently being used.

I also have my Fire 7 (discussed elsewhere), my new-ish Android phone, my previous still functional Android phone, my rooted Sylvania Android netbook (used to be WinCE).  The space program that went to the moon ran on the computing power equivalent of my cheap wristwatch.  I have an utterly absurd amount of computing power, and no practical use for it.

Well, podcasting, so that's one laptop.

Tempted to do those distributed-computing thingies, just to get some use out of all these devices.  Could try Bitcoin, but that mostly depends on a good GPU, and I'm short on those.

Might tap my friend Phred on the shoulder, ask if he could use a couple computers.  Not like I need 'em.

Resell?  Wouldn't think they'd have much resale value.

And I've only got one door, don't need this many doorstops.

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