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Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting around

Decided to go on a mission for Friday.

We have a two-function vent fan in the bathroom.  Flip one switch, the vent fan blows the bathroom air out through the roof.  Flip another switch, heated air is blown into the bathroom.

Given some water problems we've had with the roof, we have been leaving the vent on longer after showering.  Wanted to put in one of those dial timers in there to keep the vent fan on for X minutes then shut it off whether we're still there or not.  Right now we leave it on, go get dressed, and hike back to the bathroom to shut it down.

Julie got a dial timer that I thought should work fine, and I started installing it. That's when I found out they'd set up the four-gang of wall switches in the bathroom with four three-way switches.  Thought the fan was just a simple switch.  No such luck.  They hooked up the vent fan with a three way switch so that when it's off, it gives power to the heat switch.  If I put in the regular timer there, the heat fan wouldn't work anymore.

So I made a special trip up to Home Depot to try to buy a three-way timer switch.  It was Friday, I try to do something I can't do on the weekend on Fridays so they don't feel wasted.

Used Google Maps to find the bus that goes straight up the hill past my house to the Mall area.  Went out at the right time, got on the bus... and it was the wrong bus.  I could possibly have read the sign on the front.  But I was so sure about the timing...

So I stayed on the same bus as it went up the hill to the wrong place, back down the hill, across downtown, back up the hill on the other side and finally to the general vicinity of where I needed to go.  Then walked two or three blocks in the dark to get to the store.

Couldn't find the timers.  Downloaded and installed the Home Depot app on my phone.  Did a search for the timers.  The app gave me a map showing exactly where it was supposed to be.  Went there, no timers.

Got a store guy to show me where the things were.  Turns out (a) they weren't on the end of the row, they were on an end-cap as they call them, and (b) the store had renumbered their aisles -- and hadn't updated the app.

So there were the timers.  The rotary type I wanted, they didn't have three-way.  The three-way one they had was a digital one more for on at 8, off at 10:30 sort of timing.  So all that way, and no timer.

Then I needed to find a bus back home.  Up there where Home Depot is, the bus doesn't go in front of the stores, just along the access road.  So I could either stand in the street or stand in the snowbank.  I chose the street.

All in all, with snow on the sidewalks and a wet chill in the air, the whole trip kinda sucked.  Very disappointing overall.

You know, last job I had doing basically the same work it at least felt like I had days off.  Current job it really doesn't feel like I have any time off.  I'm so exhausted after a week of This Stuff, I sleep about half of my first day off (my "Saturday"), and waste the rest.  Then my "Sunday" which happens on Saturday I spend doing stuff like laundry to get ready for work. 

Then my Monday (on Sunday) I work a 10-hour day.  Which is why I'm worn out after a week.  Heck, I'm worn out after a day.

Really want to do something else.

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