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Friday, February 26, 2016

On Liberty

Just poking around in the download statistics on this Podiobook, "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mill, read by me.

Not surprisingly, I suppose, two thirds of the downloads were from the UK.  Drilling down a bit farther, most of those were from Hertford.  There appear to have been a consistent 40 downloads a day from there for about a month.

This brings an interesting picture to mind.  "There are numerous schools in Hertford: these include the Sele School, Richard Hale School and Simon Balle School at secondary level, with primaries of Hollybush JMI, Millmead Community School,[23] Bengeo Primary School,[24] Morgans Primary School & Nursery,[25] Abel Smith School,[26] Wheatcroft School,St Andrew's School and St. Josephs RC School.[27]" -- Wikipedia

Maybe someone is teaching the book to their classes at one of these schools.  An English school teaching one of the most important books by an English author...

Read by some old fella from Minnesota.  Rather humbling, that.

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