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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Okay, wait, on this T-Mobile Binge On thing...

I think the T-Mobile Binge On thing is, really, a non-issue issue.

T-Mobile gives you a free choice between two options:

The usual thing.  You use the service as fast as your data will go, and the meter is running.  Eventually you hit the cap.

Binge On.  Instead of using full-speed data, you use data limited to 480p.  Your time is unlimited.  Your quality is technically lower.  But hey, you're watching on your 4.5 inch phone screen, you will probably not know or care.

As to whether it's "throttling" or "optimizing," well, if the providers are sending at that higher speed and T-Mobile is only allowing through some of the data, that's throttling.  But in this case, without having to pay anything, T-Mobile says "this connection is on Binge On," so Netflix _sends_ 480p and T-Mobile passes through 480p.  That's optimizing.  The whole stream is set to the bit rate requested.

So it's a non-issue.  The big issue?  EFF got cussed at.  Deal with it.

So, what's next?

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