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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day Two

For some odd reason I'm watching MacBreak Weekly.

I don't own any Apple products at all.  I never have.  I have never been able to afford them.  Even before Apple's position was to be the most expensive (if most Shiny), I couldn't afford them, because I couldn't afford much of any computers of my own.  I don't get those kind of jobs, it seems.

But I do see the occasional gadget.  I like the little charger devices they have.  And they do occasionally mention devices like smartwatches I shop for.  I don't buy any.  I don't trust the cheap ones, and can't afford the expensive ones.  And it's not like I need one.  But I can certainly look.  And hey, I find the right gadget, I just might buy one eventually.

And now I know how to properly coil a cable.  Over and under.  Educational.

I still have over 800 podcast episodes to watch or listen to.  I will most likely never catch up, unless someone breaks the Internet.

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