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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day One?

So, was watching IOS Today, one of Leo LaPorte's netcasts, and they mentioned an app called DayOne.  It has an outstanding feature, it reminds you if you haven't journaled today.  Or if you're me, you haven't journaled in the current millenium.

And I says to myself, I says "Self, you could use your blog as a Journal, right?  Then you'd have blogposts and a journal, and kill two birds, and if the two birds are chickens, you've got dinner, too!"

Or words to that effect.

Downside, there's no app reminding me I haven't done a post.  And I'm not entirely sure using a blog as a journal is a good idea.  My content ought to be fascinating, clever and insightful.  Which a journal entry is unlikely to be. 

On the other hand, the only audience I'd lose would be all the people who haven't been reading the content I haven't been posting.  So there's that.

I keep promising myself to podcast more, too.  But podcasting has a whole setup and preparation process you have to get through before you can even start recording.  Then there's a bunch of other stuff I have to do after recording.  I'm on the Autistic spectrum.  One impairment from that is called Executive Dysfunction.  That can be hard to explain without getting "I do that alla time, too, and I'm not autistic!" back. 

By the way, have to call it Executive Dysfunction all spelled out and not ED.  People would mistake it for a whole 'nother sort of Dysfunction.  Which I don't have.  As far as you know.

Best explanation of Executive Dysfunction is in "Mozart & The Whale," the movie.  Josh Hartnett's character (who's name escapes me) is all dressed to go out on a Halloween date with his girlfriend, in his Whale costume, sitting on his bed, all ready to go.  And sitting.  And sitting.

And an hour or so later, she rings his doorbell, he answers it and says "I'm sorry," and she says, "That's all right, I knew you just screwed up."  Words to that effect.  With everything all sorted out and ready to get started, I can end up sitting there for a very long time, and never actually start -- never Execute.

And yes, I do recommend watching Mozart & The Whale.   You can learn a lot.  And it's a great romantic story.  I identify with the main character (Donald?)  a lot.  And Melvin Udall in "As Good As It Gets."  Who isn't Autistic, he's OCD, except kind of autistic-acting, too.  Anyway, Executive Dysfunction...

It's not laziness at all.  It's not a pleasant feeling, and it's easy to get down on myself when I just can't get started on something.  I have stuff I have intended to do, literally, for years.  Everything is in place to do those things.  But they're not done, because I never started.  Or worse, never started again.

Anyway.  Journalling.  Now you can see the downside.  Completely around the Horn topicwise.

Let's say that's Day One.  Will I post Day Two tomorrow?  I will probably think about how I'm supposed to, and end up doing something else.  Or do nothing at all.  Welcome to my world.

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