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Sunday, February 28, 2016

As if you were a god to punish

I was mostly impressed with Scott Monty's post on Medium about Donald Trump, comparing him to Coriolanus.  As Mr Monty says, Coriolanus was "a general from the 5th century BC in Rome, who was recognized for his exceptional valor at a battle in the Volscian city Corioli.  He was later exiled from Rome for his anti-plebian (perhaps fascist?) views, and he subsequently led the Rome’s enemies the Volsci to attack Rome itself."

A bit harsh comparison.  But I can see it, yeah.  I see it more from the Shakespearean character.  "That's a brave fellow; but he's vengeance proud, and loves not the common people."  

CORIOLANUS Are these your herd?
Must these have voices, that can yield them now
And straight disclaim their tongues? What are
your offices?
You being their mouths, why rule you not their teeth?
Have you not set them on?
Coriolanus was no lover of the common people, fair enough.
BRUTUS You speak o' the people,
As if you were a god to punish, not
A man of their infirmity.

Harsh.  And yet...

He demanded honor for his bravery in battle.  But at least he had fought and earned those honors.  I'm reminded a bit also of George Patton, at least from the movie.  Arrogant, but his was fought-for arrogance.

Trump is arrogant because...

Help me out here.  Seems like the one thing about which he's got a basis for arrogance is being arrogant.  He's got a real talent for that.  Oh, yeah, he's rich and owns buildings and he's been on TV.  Thanks.

But arrogance isn't the only trouble.  The final question anyone must ask about any Presidential candidate is can this candidate be President of all Americans, after expressing disdain of so many?  Can he or she represent all our values, while condoning behavior we abhor?

If a candidate is running for President of his admirers... well, that's not the job.

If we're not careful, we'll get the President we, perhaps, deserve.

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