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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh, well

So, there was this:

Hi David,

Thank you for submitting your application to Rev! We are looking forward to reviewing your materials and learning more about you.
We review applications in the order they are received. Occasionally we receive many applications at once, which can delay processing. Most likely you will hear back from us within one to two weeks. In particularly high volume times, it can take as long as three weeks to get through all of the applications.
We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to make sure each application gets a thorough review from our team. Please do not call regarding the status of your application as this will not help speed things up or improve your candidacy.
The Rev Recruiting Team

So that was nice.  Sounds friendly, and even hopeful, don't you think?

And then this today:

Dear David Smith,

Thank you for applying for the transcriptionist position with Rev. We have rigorous minimum standards and unfortunately your application did not meet those.
Please do not contact Rev regarding this decision, as we are unable to further elaborate on our reasons.
Again, thank you for your interest in working with Rev. You may re-apply in six months.

Rev Recruiting

Oh, well.  Doesn't tell me much other than no.  And apparently they weren't looking forward to learning more about me.

By the way, when you try to take their test using their web-based transcription software, go into it knowing it sucks quite thoroughly, and prevents you from doing one thing that is required by their testing.  Don't know what the point of that is, exactly.  But they apparently chose the mechanism, so one would assume they got the results they chose to get.

Thanks, guys, for having your computer consider me.

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