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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Noive

At long last, after literally years of head-scratching, I can now do something I couldn't back when I started podcasting.

Well, one key new piece, anyway. Podcasting a recording of a Skype panel discussion. Been able to do that for years. Used that for interviews, back when.

Live streaming my own voice and playback of recorded files over Shoutcast. Been doing that since 2009.

Live streaming that Skype panel discussion. Never done that, but I've been mostly able to for years.

But now...

I can do all of those things at once, while participating in the Skype discussion live. The one piece that glues it all together is mix-minus. FINALLY figured out talking into the one microphone, with my voice and the Skype folks going out to the stream, and -just- my voice going out to Skype. Can't have a discussion if people can hear their own voices coming back about a second behind.

So now I could have the panel discussion, and live-stream that while participating, and record it for later podcast. What I wanted to do six years ago. This would be great for interviews in Second Life. SL Voice is workable but sounds kinda cruddy and wouldn't be good enough for a podcast, realistically. Skype has been good enough for as long as it and podcasting have been around together.

But now I lack one thing. The Noive.

I have a little place on SL's Book Island again, just as I did a few years back. Used to be a whole crew of Podiobooks authors there. There's even still a podcast about Podiobooks called Podioracket which is still around, and the hosts of that used to be on Book Island, too. And back then we tried a few things with streaming, and I knew there had to be a way I could help produce a live-streamed version of that podcast from inside SL  I didn't know how.

But now those folks are gone from SL, far as I can tell. And I don't know the authors here anymore. So I don't feel comfortable with interviewing any of them.

 I know I can handle it all technically. But I'm more Aspie than usual on that particular idea. I'm anxious as all hell about doing such a discussion with nobody I know well there to backstop me. SL would be an obvious place to produce such shows. But I don't really have a support network there anymore, at least not for this.

So here I sit, on my nifty interview couch that can generate X number of audience seats on demand. Nice little stage set. Got my suit on, got my Podcaster tag over my head. Got everything all set up to be able to do it. And I'm all tense and stressed and sad and immobilized by anxiety and shyness. I need my friends here again.

 Curse you, Hans Asperger... (sigh)


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