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Sunday, July 7, 2013

#SecondLife -- Down and Out in the Big Playground

I've accumulated a lot of land in Second Life over several years. Samantha and I have a whole island, Marathon Key. In addition I have about a half-Region worth of mainland. And I can't afford to keep paying for both.

So I'm selling off vast swathes of land, including what used to be Pie Island Marina. That parcel by itself is almost a quarter-Region -- 16016 square meters. I'd prefer to sell it to someone who'd enjoy it. Otherwise I'll abandon it, and get nothing. Thing is it's in a stupendous location if you like SL boating, sailing and such. Right along a Linden water Canal. Northeast and you're up into the inland waters of Heterocera Atoll, second oldest, and prettiest, of the eight SL continents. Southwest along the canal, down through the ANWR Channel and you reach Sansara continent, the oldest mainland in Second Life, and a tremendous amount of sailing room. All from one location.

Right now, it's just a big patch of open water. But if you know Second Life, you'll see the potential there, and know water land like that ain't cheap to buy. I managed to buy it by a fluke, and I enjoyed the heck out of it for maybe a year. Just can't afford to own it anymore. (sigh)

Make me an offer.

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