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Sunday, July 7, 2013

#SecondLife -- Down and Out in the Big Playground

I've accumulated a lot of land in Second Life over several years. Samantha and I have a whole island, Marathon Key. In addition I have about a half-Region worth of mainland. And I can't afford to keep paying for both.

So I'm selling off vast swathes of land, including what used to be Pie Island Marina. That parcel by itself is almost a quarter-Region -- 16016 square meters. I'd prefer to sell it to someone who'd enjoy it. Otherwise I'll abandon it, and get nothing. Thing is it's in a stupendous location if you like SL boating, sailing and such. Right along a Linden water Canal. Northeast and you're up into the inland waters of Heterocera Atoll, second oldest, and prettiest, of the eight SL continents. Southwest along the canal, down through the ANWR Channel and you reach Sansara continent, the oldest mainland in Second Life, and a tremendous amount of sailing room. All from one location.

Right now, it's just a big patch of open water. But if you know Second Life, you'll see the potential there, and know water land like that ain't cheap to buy. I managed to buy it by a fluke, and I enjoyed the heck out of it for maybe a year. Just can't afford to own it anymore. (sigh)

Make me an offer.

Monday, June 10, 2013


From a friend on Second Life, who also just happens to ba a published author.

____________________________News From ArcheBooks

By Denise Fleischer
ArcheBooks Publishing
Publication Date: June 2013
264 pages
$27.99/hardcover $9.99/kindle
Denise Fleischer

Deadly Reservations

When a fallen angel is determined to claim Earth as his own realm, Archangel Michael has to stop him before he achieves his goal. Unable to venture to the planet caught in global warming and endless crimes, he sends his daughter, Zoe, to become a psychic detective and a hunter of fallen angels.
By day, Zoe is a lifestyle editor in a small town known as Mt. Lisle, Illinois. At night, you’ll find her deep into her agency’s investigations. If her life isn’t difficult enough with a computer filled with missing people cases, in walks Special Agent Brian Novelli informing her that she’s been recruited by the F.B.I. to hunt down a man responsible for buying small town America and murdering anyone that gets in the path of his goals. All the F.B.I. has is a name: Mathias and an artificial intelligence to assist in tracking him down.
This paranormal thriller reads like a behind-the-scenes psychic investigation in tracking Mathias and what it’s like for Zoe to work on other cases along the way. It explores telepathy, astral and physical portation, visions, angels, the use of AI’s and remote viewing.

About the Author

Denise Fleischer is the Lifestyle Editor of the Journal & Topics Newspapers in Des Plaines, IL. She writes human interest articles for various communities and processes copy for the majority of the paper’s special sections. She was the publisher of Gotta Write Network LitMag for 36 issues. Her novels include “The Guardian” and “Altar of Freedom” (Port Town Publishing), which are time travel/paranormal/SF. “Deadly Reservations” is the first in a new series focusing on a psychic and homicide detective and their secret identities. For four years, Fleischer hosted a virtual chat on Second Life interviewing writers, artists and musicians. She writes for Metaverse Tribune and Unforgettable magazine. She is currently writing the sequel to “Deadly Reservations” entitled “The Sharp Edge of Truth.”

Book Reviewers interested in reviewing the book may email Fleischer is available for interviews on Skype at nights and weekends (Denise.Fleischer- Chicago). The book is available on


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