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Friday, September 14, 2012

Help me find a Burns and Allen bit

Need some help finding something.

A long while ago on one of those "Best of Old Time Radio" type albums I heard a snippet of a Burns and Allen routine, and loved it -- but I can't find it, or remember one of Gracie's comments. Basically it ran (as their bits were wont to do):

George: So, Gracie, I was sorry to hear about your missing brother.

Gracie: (A rather political-sounding rantlett, one sentence, having nothing to do with her missing brother.)

George: Gracie, you gave the wrong answer.

Gracie: No George, that's the right answer. You asked the wrong question.

So, (1) where was that from? I assume it's somewhere in their radio show, and I have some recordings of those. And/or (2) what was it that Gracie said there?

Thanks. Been buggin' me for a while.

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