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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Brief, Shining Moment

It is very much a time for folks to stand up and run down the list of Usual Suspects.  It is very much when we all derive our entertainment of poo-pooing all the failures of the internet, of so-called social media, telling everyone who already agrees with us about how this that and the other venue is passe', and how we should now throw our dwindling dollars toward whatever is the Next Big Thing.  Funny how the Next Big Thing is selling ads, and the folks who are industriously identifying the Next Big Thing for us are selling the same ads, from the same people, and often selling ads from The Next Big Thing.

When one is in the business of selling ads, it is entirely reasonable and predictable that one will tout the Next Big Thing, so folks will go see those same ads over there as at your house.  Perhaps the money will allow your little corner of the Interwebs to survive, and not be last years news -- as your own reports are identifying the fruits of your own labor.  The pundits who talk at us (ignoring us, really, so as not to talk -to- us) use last year's medium.  They are obsolete themselves before their lips start flapping in the winds of change.

Perhaps if you put a .22 bullet in your own foot, you'd be distracted enough to not commit Internet Impression Immolation.  Works about the same as shooting yourself in the foot, realistically.

My particular last-years-medium is Second Life.  I'm not done with SL yet.  And I submit for your consideration, that you aren't finished with SL yet, either.  You haven't even started, really, have ya?

The fact is, the only thing any social medium (or whatever they call it next) has of value, is people paying attention.  If you use venue A to convince people venue C is The Next Big Thing, all that presence you created in venue B is a waste of time.  You are shouting to the world that you yourself are last week's news.

Just watched "Blazing Saddles."  It is a wondrous portrait of the formula-western style of traditional cinema.  But while Mel Brooks is as usual brilliant in ridiculing traditional movie making, he is also a creature of the venue he ridicules -- and he has declared himself superfluous.

While it's never worked before, over all the years of trading the trendy for the tediously aged, some fool, like me, always mentions, "you know, what's valuable here is the people who are here to pay attention.  If we stay here, we can force the media who want to throw ads in our faces to at least throw them here, where they can do -us- some good.

So for One Brief Shining Moment, let us just say, "Hey, I'm sure that's clever new tech Way Over There, but I'm still having fun Way Over Here, and if you want to talk to me, shouting into the new well works no where near as productively as shouting into the elaborate house Way Over Here."

Go figure.

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