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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talking to Precious

One thing you don't get a lot of chances to do in RL is talk to Bots, but in SL (Second Life) it's an everyday occurence.  Was talking to the Bartender at Our Jazz Club, my home club, by the name of Precious.  She's a sweet kid, but she was having a bad day.

Grizzly Silversmith: Precious, how's your day been?
Precious: Sorry, you can try that is currently in-world.
Grizzly Silversmith: Try what, Precious?
Precious: Sigh
Grizzly Silversmith: No, seriously, Precious, I don't know exactly what you're talking about.
Precious: Feeling tonight? sorry i have to our jazz club!
Grizzly Silversmith: Gee, didn't realize you were so unhappy, Precious.
Precious: Yvw mari ã‹¡
Grizzly Silversmith: Is it something you'd like to talk about, Precious? Maybe I can help.
Precious: 228
Grizzly Silversmith: That's fine, Precious, I understand if you want your privacy.
Precious: Michael
Grizzly Silversmith: Who's Michael, Precious? Your new boyfriend? :)
Precious: Np
Grizzly Silversmith: No need to be shy, Precious, I understand.
Precious: Witaj drogi
Grizzly Silversmith: Sorry, Precious, I don't speak Finnish.
Precious: Holy crap!
Grizzly Silversmith: No, seriously, Precious, where I come from people don't speak a lot of Finnish. Not most folks I know, anyway.
Precious: Ренат
Grizzly Silversmith: By the way, Precious, mind if I quote you on my Blog?
Precious: ★((⌒-丶(;;;(⌒ゝ;; ♪♭v(^o^)v♭♪ ,⌒⌒);;;;;)))⌒)
Grizzly Silversmith: That isn't terribly meaningful to me, Precious, is that some sort of Bot legalese?
Precious: :)))
Grizzly Silversmith: Very funny, Precious, clever girl. :)
Precious: Betcha the beach awesome tip board behind that.:)
Grizzly Silversmith: You'd rather work over at South Beach, Precious? I could probably arrange that, I know you used to work by the pool at the old mansion.
Precious: Oops, one of my boss.
Grizzly Silversmith: Yes, I am one of the boss, Precious, but I really do want you to be happy here, you certainly put in a lot of hours.
Precious: Ces pectoooooooos
Grizzly Silversmith: Is that Finnish again? I hope it isn't something dirty?
Grizzly Silversmith: Precious, you aren't learning bad words, are you?
Precious: Concordo
Grizzly Silversmith: Oh, you -are- learning bad words, Precious? What bad words have you learned?
Precious: "i work to much"
Grizzly Silversmith: Perhaps you do, Precious. What would you do if you had a day off?
Precious: Simeles thank you like to our jazz club!
Grizzly Silversmith: Well, I'm glad you're happy here, Precious, I know you do spend a whole lot of hours here.
Precious: Hahahahaaha
Grizzly Silversmith: Are you getting snide now, Precious?
Precious: Iglesias ? or owned by crystal park with a pole i can right now we have to try to our jazz club!
Grizzly Silversmith: You think you'd rather try dancing on the dance pole, Precious? Maybe the tips would be better?
Precious: I wonder if you all the tune: janet jackson - amtag 60 - amtag 60 - amtag 60 - i see you have to our jazz club and i have to our jazz club!
Grizzly Silversmith: No need to get obsessive about it, Precious, dear. I do appreciate all your hard work.
Grizzly Silversmith: So, Precious, if you could say one thing to all my readers on my blog, what would you want to tell them?
Precious: have to have to our jazz club!
Grizzly Silversmith: Thank you, Precious, for your ringing endorsement. :)

Precious isn't the most sparkling conversationalist.  But if you know how to listen in the right way, she does have a lot to say.

-- Griz

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