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Friday, May 27, 2011

Second Life Partner: I accept!

Hi Grizzly Silversmith,
Congratulations! Your proposal has been accepted by Samantha Silversmith!
Personal Message :
I love you very much and I always will, I would love to marry you.

"You got married?!?!?"  I got that a lot lately.  It was just the other day that Samantha were wed in Second Life (SL).  It isn't a legally-binding marriage out in Real Life (RL), nor is it particularly binding in SL, only by choice. There's no Community Property in SL, and in fact it's rather difficult for more than one person to share ownership of anything.  And you can't really have kids -- kinda, but not really.

But it's important stuff, at least to us.

Samantha has this rather remarkable habit.  She tells me frequently she loves me.  I like this.  I think this is a Good Thing that I haven't gotten so very much.  And I want more of this.  I tell her I love her, too, as often as I can manage, though I'm not that sort of demonstrative fellow.  And I try not to let her down too often. 

I am on the Autistic spectrum, and some things (like actually talking to people) are quite difficult and quite exhausting for me.  My day job is spent talking to people all day, and this wears me out.  So I often get home and basically crash, even when I am supposed to go on Second Life and do something.  I feel bad about that.  And I do my best.  But she has been remarkably tolerant of me.

I consider myself often, having known myself for 52 years now, and I am dumbfounded as to what she sees in me.  I am humbled by that.  As a DJ in Second Life, I'm in a moderately unique position.  In SL, most of what you "hear" from most folks is just text -- clever or not clever, needing to stand on it's own.  I have the sort of voice where people say, "You oughta be on the radio!"  And as a DJ people actually hear my voice, and I suspect that gives me a more personal impact on folks in Second Life.  And yes, I am basically saying "chicks dig DJs."  ;-)
It is obvious in SL if not in RL that what one knows about someone is not necessarily something one Knows.  But we've talked on Skype, so yes, she's definitely female, and I've seen her picture, so yes, she's definitely attractive.  She's also X years younger than me, which at my age, is rather attractive in itself.  And she's seen my picture -- and still loves me.  Baffling.

"You got married?!?!?"   Yeah.  Yeah, it appears I did.  Thank you, dear.  (smooch)


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