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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second Life Customer Service

Chat Started: 11-24-2010 00:45:52
Chat Log:
NikiaM: Thank you for contacting Second Life Support, my name is Nikia how may I assist you today?
You: Hi.  I wanted to ask about performance here in Pavane, where I own about half the Region.
You: It's periodically getting -very- bad here, probably over the last week or two mostly. 
You: Pretty much has to be me, vast majority of the Stuff here is mine.
You: But it's Mainland, so it's not something I can check for myself.
You: Iknow restarts are hard to get, and may well not help.  Any way I can get help finding what's mainly causing the performance hit?
NikiaM: please bear with me
You: Me, too, I have a big Skating Party going here. :)
NikiaM: thank you for your patience
You: There are only 12 here now, an not all mine.
You: Mainland allegedly can handle up to 40.
You: And it's still bad with only two of us here.
You: The requested page title was invalid, empty, or an incorrectly linked inter-language or inter-wiki title. It may contain one or more characters which cannot be used in titles.
You: Your Wiki's response to that link.
NikiaM: please copy and paste in search
NikiaM: rather than clicking on the link
You: Ah, had already read this article a while back.
You: Already knew about that stuff. Everything was running fine till about a week ago -then- went kerflooie.  I need to know what change caused the problem.
You: Generally this article is about has helpful as a doctor telling me, "might be brain tumor.  Or indigestion."
You: And it's focused on how many Avatars I can get away with having in the Region.  Doesn't tell me what the problem is with -two- in the whole region.
You: Got any better answers why I'm paying full-sim prices for about 1/10 the performance, or can you refer me to someone who has one?

(Pop up indicating I've been disconnected, and the system is trying to reconnect...)

BethA: Thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support, My name is BethA.
Please bear with me, I may be helping other residents.

(several minute wait on hold)

I will be with you as soon as possible.You: You there yet?
You: Or are you the person the other agents give the customers they don't want to bother with?


NOTES:  Was I snappish?  Yep, old guy with 6 years of CSR experience, laid off when my employers closed and left town.

Was the article she linked to good?  Excellent, I recommend it, it provides a good and informative answer to a question I wasn't asking.

What would have been a Good Answer?  "I know that article is general, and I know someone at Linden Labs has access to tools to answer your specific question.  But I don't have those tools, and I don't have a way to refer you to the person who does have those tools.  Sorry."  Honest and accurate.  So, why didn't I get -that- answer?


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