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Friday, October 29, 2010

November 2010 Collective Feed

It's that time once again! (reply at

If you'd like to be on the NaBloPoMo Collective Feed (, first check the expiration date for your blog at ,
the current Feedlist (at any given time). If your blog is already there
and doesn't expire till after the end of the month, no worries. If it's
there and expired or expiring soon, let me know you want your entry

To be added, reply to this discussion with:

The name of your blog,

A shorter name (to fit in those brackets at the beginning of your title),

The URL of your RSS feed,

The URL of your blog itself.

By default your blog will be ignored 45 days after you last told me to
update it last. Only your last post shows up in the Feed at any given
time. And posts over 31 days old are ignored in any case. This is
intended to keep the feed both timely and compact.

Thanks for your interest.

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