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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Broadcasting Internship?

I'm scheduled to graduate from Media Studies at LSC this spring semester.  And it might even happen.

I'm doing okay on the various classes.  But one of the requirements of the course is an Internship with a local radio or TV station, probably.  Some other media-related business might well be fine.  Unfortunately, such companies locally are not taking many Interns.  And when an old guy like me is one of the options, and the rest are younger (if less experienced) people, well...

I've already got almost 4 years of podcasting experience, live streaming experience, DJing experience, audiobook production and voice experience.  I am far more comfortable behind a microphone than I have any business to be, and this can all be confirmed from my podcasting website.  Some of this ought to be valuable to someone.

My instructor might have a solution, but that's still a Maybe.   So if you happen to know (or own) a company that could use a Media Studies intern, let me know.



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