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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meh. Just, Meh. (was Wow. Just, wow.) UPDATE


I just now read a post on the Libsyn Support Blog. It begins:

We have been alerted to issues with inflated stats that began 2/24. We are looking into these issue and will post updates here when the fix is in. Please direct concerns to"

And so on. As it turns out, not only aren't my stats massively better than last month, they're about half of last month. Still better than any month prior to October 2009, true. It's a Good Thing. But disappointing, because it's not as good as I'd thought. Oh, well.


I was checking the Stats for my podcasts early this morning, and I noticed something.

So far this month, I've had over 9600 downloads of episodes. That's on top of over 6500 last month. So 16000 downloads in two months. And as it turns out, over 20,000 downloads over the past 4 months. Prior to that, my biggest month might have almost been 1000 downloads.

That's as if 100 people heard one recording liked it, and promptly went and downloaded all the past episodes of Grizzly's Growls -and- all the past episodes of Stories from the Hiber-Nation. How many times does an average guy like me have 100 people care that much what I say, or how it sounds when I say it? Sure, if mine were a really big-deal podcast, I'd be getting 10,000 downloads of each episode. But even so...

Awesome. Wow. Just, wow.

Thanks, guys.

Wonder if I'll break 10,000 for this month?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Education and Second Life

Here's a video I put together for Cosmic Surrounding Technology, for a presentation in another country. The video, the best I could do with the tools at hand and starting with Second Life's 20 FPS cartoon-like visuals, frankly isn't at all good, and I over-edited the audio, trying to get it down to 30 minutes.

The interview, though, with Dr Carolyn Lowe, PhD, of the University of Northern Michigan, actually went very well and is worth a listen. Hope you enjoy it.


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