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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Podcast Awards Are Coming!

Since I have 3 podcasts, you could nominate me three times! Just sayin'.

2009 Podcast Awards

pca-2009It’s Podcast Awards Season again and I am preparing the site tonight the firm that manages the site will be putting us in pre-nomination mode tomorrow.

Podcast Nominations by your audiences will open at 2100 EST on Oct 4th so start getting your audiences prepared today to nominate your show.

We will be accepting sponsorships exactly as we were last year so be the first to get your sponsorship dollars in.

The awards take a huge amount of work each year, so much in fact that I had considered not holding the event this year. Over the past three weeks my email inbox has been exploding and I decided to go ahead and hold the event again. I am hoping that the volunteers step up like they did last year to help because without them it is a monumental job.

Get your audiences ready :)

Todd Cochrane
Found Podcast Awards!

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