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Saturday, August 1, 2009

If we'd known you was comin'...

Just got pointed to an article at about Iain Banks' new novel, "Transition," and how they've come up with this groundbreaking new technique for distributing the book: as a free, serialized, podcast audiobook.  Lovely idea.  And then, "Sarah Shrubb, editorial director of Hachette Digital, said: "This is the first time an audio has been serialised in this way, and we're very excited to be doing something so groundbreaking." "


I am in the middle of finishing my sixth, free, serialized, podcast audiobook.  I'm just a producer, not an author.  And I came way, way, late to the game.  There are authors who have been publishing this way for years.  You could look them up.  Several have been quite successful, and some have hit the New York Times Bestseller lists & whatnot.

And now Iain Banks is "the first."  If we'd a known he was comin', we'd a baked a cake.

I gather Mr Banks is a very good author, and I strongly suspect that he, at least, knew he wasn't the first.  It is unfortunate Ms. Shrubb wasn't quite so informed about her own industry.  Glad she's excited, though.  Excited is good.  Informed would be a nice addition.



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