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Friday, August 7, 2009

The IDSL 08/06/2009 (Comment line 218-234-CALL)

You can download the show directly from, too.

On "The IDSL" today, with my sometime Co-host, YourGirlKali of "Flaws and All" on BTR:

"Blurry Facts and Waking Eyes (Windows)" from room101

"Bobby" from American Gypsy

"Body of the Blood Machine" from Big Jesus and the Homeless Bastards

"Bombs Away" from Stupid Emo Kid

"Bones in the Hourglass" from Funhead

"Boondock Saint" from Ck5

"Blind Willie McTell" from John MacLean off his "Letters Home" album

Thanks for listening!

Theme: "140 Times" from RockOn

Want to hear it all better? Try here!

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