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Friday, July 10, 2009

The IDSL 07/10/2009 Natalie Brown "Random Thoughts" complete!

UPDATE! Here's a link to download the High Quality version of the show.

On "The IDSL," Friday, starting at 9:00 pm:

I didn't want to start on the B's on a Friday. And ya know, I have yet to hear Natalie Brown's new "Random Thoughts" album all the way through. Maybe you haven't, either.

So I'm going to play all 13 songs from the album, in order, and try hard not to talk too much in between, in the best '70s FM radio tradition. We can experience it together. All Natalie and I ask in return is you post a review of the album on Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby. Hey, you'll have heard the album, what could be easier?

Thanks in Advance!


Here's the links:

Random Thoughts on Amazon:

Random Thoughts on iTunes:

Random Thoughts on CDBaby:

And, while you're there, you could buy a nice shiny-new copy of the album of your very own. Just sayin'.

Thanks for listening!

Theme: "140 Times" from RockOn

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