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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Asperger sounds like...

I'm in the middle of editing my last regular Sunday Show on BlogTalkRadio, and of course that involves listening to what I end up talking about.  And I just had one a them moments where I really listened to what I ended up talking about -- the technology.  Instead of talking about a Topic, I talk about what's involved in producing the show.

I think it's an Aspie thing.

We tend to get very involved in a particular topic or activity to the exclusion of much else.  This can be a good thing, to a point.  I've been learning a whole lot in a hell of a hurry about what breaks in BTR, how it breaks, and how to fix it.  I've made an incredible number of mistakes and encountered a continuing series of disasters, considering I've only recorded four shows on BTR so far.  But I'm likely to have learned a whole hell of a lot more than some folks might have in such a short time, because I've pushed the technology to the limit at every stage of the game.

And we sure do like to talk about our current perseverations.  Since the recording thing is my perseveration, and that ends up being the topic of my shows.  I imagine my shows would be a whole heck of a lot more popular if I could manage to talk about something else.  There are actually a fairly significant number of things I'm pretty good at.  I have a knack for figuring things out, especially mechanical and electronic stuff.  I most assuredly don't have a blinking 12:00 pm on my VCR, for example.  Although I do still have a VCR.

I do lean on other people a lot for my podcasts, when I have the opportunity.  I am after all well aware of my tendency to ramble on about technical details.  And I know other folks are not as fascinated as I am about such things.  I often wonder why people continue to listen to my shows.  I'm mostly rather boring.  But I sound pretty on boring topics.  A Good Thing?  Maybe.

So, that was my flash of insight -- I sound like an Aspie.  This is not an entirely bad thing.  But I really need to keep reminding myself to find something else to talk about than my current perseveration -- which happens to be podcasting itself.

I will endeavor to take a greater interest in the rest of the world.  So finally, hopefully, I'll have a whole world of things to talk about.


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