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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coming soon on Stories from the Hiber-Nation: "Heretics"

I'm seriously considering my next project for "Stories from the Hiber-Nation" being a collections of essays by G.K. Chesterton, entitled "Heretics."  I admit, it's a kind of odd choice.

I first encountered G.K. Chesterton while going through an extended period reading murder mysteries & such.  He wrote the "Father Brown" mysteries, of which you may have heard.  If you haven't read them, and you like mysteries, you should read them.  Not brilliant, but rather well done, and Father Brown is an appealing character.

Recently I came across a quotation from a Chesterton essay from his book, "Orthodoxy," which was a sequel of sorts to "Heretics."  And not wanting to start with the second book, but loving the way that was written, that led me to consider starting at the beginning, with "Heretics."


People who aren't like me might not appreciate Chesterton.  The book is old, the style of writing is old.  And it certainly seems on the surface like it ought to be heavy going for a reader.  I'm not a religious man, and I don't agree with everything Chesterton says.  But it is remarkably refreshing in these times to read someone who feels strongly about religion, and can speak intelligently about it without growling and foaming at the mouth.  There are still people who can do that.  You don't hear about them on TV, though.

So the Plan is to start recording "Heretics" soon, to be the next book for "Stories from the Hiber-Nation."  Will I end up posting that to, too?

Don't know yet.  Don't know that there'd be much interest.  But I just might.  Not because of a greater or lesser value to the book; I'm just too lazy to record a whole book and not also put it on  And Evo did say they wanted more non-fiction.

Besides, it'll be fun.

Trust me.

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