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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The way I do stuff, and why it's changing

I've gotten into a pattern, with the podcasts at least, not with this blog.

I record a Grizzly's Growls on Sunday for release Monday morning.  I record a whole slew of Hiber-Nations at once, scheduled out in advance so they drop each Thursday.  When I record each Hiber-Nation episode, I re-engineer it at the same time to be a Podiobooks episode.  Continuing content in a consistent format.  Mostly.

This week I recorded Grizzly's Growls live on BlogTalkRadio.  It was on a topic I'd never pursued, with a whole panel of folks.  It was kinda fun.  Lots of stuff going on at once, though I missed a lot of events in the show because I was trying to juggle all the technical stuff.  Had a lady in the chatroom actually ask a question -- and since I was busy also trying to participate in the discussion, I missed her question completely.  Over all, it went well, and I think the invited panelists enjoyed it, and parhaps there'll be a bit of Buzz in the PR community from whence they came, at least.

Decided, because I can, to do a live  BTR show every other Sunday.  I really need the practice with this talk radio-style stuff.  I even need practice at talking to other people.  I don't do that much anymore.  I never was good at it, but making GG on BTR a regularly scheduled event would serve that purpose.  And makiing the BTR version every other Sunday removes the stress of BTR as a requirement till I feel equipped to handle it better.

Don't know if I could arrange panels or interviews every week.  Don't think I really know that many people who'd want to participate.  But what I can do, since I write my regular Grizzly's Growls segments in advance, is open the BTR show, and record the regular, pre-written segments while streaming them live.  I can upload the music and promos before the hour, and plug them into the stream at the appropriate time points, so listening to the stream is very like listening to the regular, recorded show.  And if there are, by some miracle, call-ins or guests or whatever, I can field them between segments.  I might have to edit the BTR version down to the usual 20 minutes for the regular feed, but that's a good problem to have.

That means, since the Zoom H2 will be running as a USB mike rather than a recorder, I'll have to work from whatever recording Callburner decides to hand me.  This could be a problem, given for show 100, Callburner decided to record nothing whatsoever.  I'll need a working and reliable backup recording option.  Last time, the BTR copy of the show, monaural and at no great bitrate, was my only workable backup.  For the Kimi Alexandre interview, the whole show was from a Callburner recording, two monaural files, one for each side of the "phone" conversation.  Much easier to edit, and significantly better quality.  So I know Callburner can do an hour-long file.  But I don't know why it didn't work last time, not for sure, anyway.

What do you think?  Does this seem like a reasonable plan?

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