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Friday, May 22, 2009

Re: Career Step - Earn a referral bonus

Share my experiences -- like running out of money and not finishing
school, after spending a couple grand? Sure, why not. Let's share that
with the whole world.

It was 22 May 2009, when commented:

Do you have any family or friends in the military? They may be able to
receive free government funding to train with Career Step, and you can
earn $50 for referring them!
Share your Career Step experiences with your military friends and loved
ones! Career Step has just become an approved school with the Department
of Defense's MyCAA funding program, and your friends and family who are
military spouses can get a Career Step education for free if they qualify
for MyCAA funds. Your friends and family can train for a great new career
with all costs covered! Check out for
more details.
For sharing your great experiences and this fantastic opportunity, you'll
receive a $50 referral bonus for every one of your referrals who enrolls
with Career Step. That's $50 just for sharing your story and helping your
friends and loved ones get free training for a secure, portable career.
Send them to today!
Have someone in mind? Here are a few things you could tell them...
* Gain a secure career in the growing healthcare industry
* Find a real work-at-home career that's stationed wherever they are
* Earn extra income despite the economy
...and all of it can be free if they qualify for MyCAA funds; tell them to
visit today!--

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