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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Remember Joe - A 2009 Tribute

I like to watch NASCAR racing, but I only understand parts of it. Up till the late 1990's, NASCAR had a rule, when there was an accident and the yellow flag went out, crashed cars on the track, busted tires & car parts & smoke & flames everywhere, the cars were supposed to "race to the line," dodging alla that junk on the track, to have a good position when the race restarted.

A few years back, they made a new rule. The officials would decide in what order people would line up under the yellow, and no one would race to the line. But one guy would get moved up to the very tail end of the lead lap. "The Lucky Dog."

I started listening to podcasts in 2006. I listened to practically every podcast I could find. I started thinking, "I could do that!" So I started my own podcast, in February 2007.

Joe Murphy died of leiomyosarcoma in April 2007. I honestly don't know if I ever heard the podcasts Joe was on, but I have this vague memory I just might have. I listened to lots of podcasts. Or, honestly, I might not. I didn't get the chance to meet him.

But the folks who went ahead of me, folks I've come to like, admire, and trust, liked, admired, and trusted Joe. He's one of those who made this community what it is. He's worth remembering.

Podcasting isn't about the microphones, the computers, the software, the talk, the music, the time, or the money. It's about the people. And a whole lot of people took a chance on trying this new podcasting stuff, and even regular guys like Joe got a chance to speak. Even a regular guy like me.

I got to tag along on the tail end of the lead lap. I'm the Lucky Dog.

So yeah, I remember Joe. Even so.

But listen to them other folks. They tell it better.

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