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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

While There's Still Time

Still slowly making my way through my backlog of podcasts to listen to.  While listening to a podcast from the DragonCon last year, I found out about "Give Us A Minute," a podcast started as a memorial for Joe Murphy, a podcaster who passed away from liomyosarcoma a couple of years back.  He was a well-loved man, people miss him, and want something they can do in his honor.  The GUAM podcast is part of that effort, and I respect that.

So now I've added those to the podcasts I need to listen to.  Been a while since there was a new one; Tee Morris hosts them, and he's not only a busy guy, but since he knew Joe, it's hard for him to talk about.  Though I didn't have the honor of knowing him, I understand.  I have at least one person I've never talked about on the podcast, and probably never will.  But I know the feeling.

And I was thinking about the International Listening Year, and it struck me -- this would be an obvious purpose for the project.  There are all sorts of folks who never get to tell their stories.  Sometimes they are old, and some never have a chance to be old.  Wouldn't that be a good thing, to give someone a chance to tell their story, while there's still time?

Just a thought, hopefully not in bad taste on my part.

I started podcasting, and listening to podcasts, in February of 2007.  Joe passed on April 1 of that year.  I feel like I really missed something.  Goes that way, sometimes.  One hardly ever knows how much longer there is.  And then it's too late.

The other day, my Mom listened to one of the audio books I recorded.  I was really anxious to share that with her.  And she mentioned, "You know, your Dad used to record stories on his reel-to-reel recorder."  I'm told I look a lot like him and sound like him.  He passed away maybe 30 years ago.  And I don't know where those tapes went.

Maybe it's time to record those voices in your life, while there's still time?  Either with the StoryCorps "National Day of Listening" project, or with ILY.  Not everyone is a podcaster.  Some of us are.  Use your tools, and give them a voice.

I'd be tempted to volunteer to help with the podcast, but not having known the man, that might also be in bad taste.  I have plenty of time at the moment (unemployed like much of the world).  But no, I suppose it wouldn't be right.


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