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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Minor Talent

I mentioned to the nice folks from "The Skeptic Zone" podcast the other day that I'd come up with a fairly clever promo idea.  They've been asking me about that idea for a week or three now, but I didn't want to explain, I wanted to get the silly thing recorded and sent off, and they could judge for themselves.

Last night, say 2:00 am (yes, I know) I finally recorded the promo.  I sent it off via YouSendIt. 

And I was informed this morning they'll play it on their next show.  Not "some future show," but their next show!

Cool, huh?

I may have nothing in particular to talk about on my podcast.

But boy can I do Promos!   ;-)



  1. So when can we hear the promo and where? Put up the link!

  2. You'd hear it on the next "Skeptic Zone," of course, but sure, here's a link:


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