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Monday, March 9, 2009

Promotionally challenged

As of Thursday, I'll be done with "Wild Animals I Have Known" on Hiber-Nation as of Thursday.  Took me a long while.  Started the book before the laptop drive failure, and wasn't able to re-start for a while.  Now it'll be done.

I have that already prepared and uploaded at, and that'll be available around the end of the month.  Figured I'd make it sort of a gift for my Mom, who likes audiobooks, and is fairly impressed with my recording them.  I suppose she'd be more impressed if I actually wrote a book.  Maybe someday.

I've been considering trying to promote the book before it's actually released.  I've got the Promo recorded.  I'm actually rather pleased with how it turned out.  I wonder if I could get the promo placed on various podcasts, in advance of the release.  That way, when it finally hits, it might hit big.

The book is really that good, I think.  If you've listened to it, maybe you can tell me if I'm right.  The book itself was excellent in the first place, but I think the reading went extremely well.

And it'd be nice to give the book the send-off it deserves.  I'm told that pre-release promotion doesn't work.  Still, tempted, though.

And hey, if you've got a podcast, you're welcome to play the promo.  Just mention that the book won't be out till the end of the month.


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