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Saturday, March 28, 2009

It Could Have Been Worse

So, found out that folks don't consider me an expert on New Media.  I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised.  I'm not paid to be an expert on new media.  I don't have a degree.  I'm just some guy who's been doing new media, and the so-called social media, for a few years.  And I don't own a suit, and have only one tie.

So the Seagull Consultants will do what they always do -- fly in, crap all over everything, and fly out.

Best to not be bitter.


  1. Who says you aren't an expert? You're just a guy who knows this stuff. Thanks for all your continued work on the Nablopomo links and feeds.

  2. You're welcome, and thanks for the support. I guess being unemployed is getting me down. But it'd be nice to get back to work at one of the things I'm actually good at. Oh, well.


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