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Monday, March 2, 2009

Gifts that Keep On Giving

As I've mentioned in the past, my sister gave me both my nice current laptop and my Samson Zoom H2 Handy Recorder.  I depend on both of those for doing my podcasts, and the audiobooks I'm now doing.

That's the way one always wants gifts to work.  They just keep on giving.

Literally, every day -- well almost literally, and make that every night -- these Unemployed days, I try to do something toward producing more content.  I don't get paid to do that.  But I'm still hoping to get into Media Studies up at LSC next fall, and/or something in Media production.  And it'd be nice to have a nice, thick portfolio to take into either school or work.

I am down to a mere three computers these days.  I had four working computers till recently, this laptop, my aged desktop, and my more aged everything-goes-to-hell laptop, plus an early Win95-era laptop I bought for $400 when I first got back to this area.

This last week I gave that oldest laptop to an old friend who's just had desktops previously.  Well, I sorta traded him.  He gave me a working UPS.  I have him the laptop, and various, cables, software and accessories I'd added to that laptop, and the previous, identical laptop I'd had but broke (to maybe use for parts), and a UPS that needs a new battery but otherwise works.   I think that's enough of a trade imbalance to count as a gift.  Sort of.

I think he'll have fun with the thing.  I've always been intrigued by the possibilities of portable computing, and small computers.  I suspect he'll enjoy that, too.  And he just might get enough use out of the thing to justify its continued existence.  It'll keep on giving.

Sometimes, especially near Christmas, we feel like we need to give something big, something expensive.  We feel, I feel, like giving ought to be a bit painful -- Give Till It Hurts.  But I can give more often and more effectively if I can give when it doesn't hurt.  And hey, if I have Stuff that's too good to throw out, and too, um, redundant to keep, why not give it to someone who will use it and appreciate it? 

It will, after all, be a gift that keeps on giving.

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