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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Compared to What?

Was just thinking about my Podiobooks version of "A Handy Guide for Beggars."  Evo Terra told me that non-fiction doesn't make a big splash on Podiobooks, most of the time.  Probably true enough; there's a lot of good fiction there.  I find it hard to stop by and not subscribe to yet another novel.

After the initial burst of folks, "Beggars" has consistently gotten one new subscriber a day.  That's certainly not earth-shaking, relative to the original fiction other folks put up.  But it struck me suddenly: this book is almost a century old.  In how many other venues is "Beggars" getting one new reader a day?  At how many local public libraries does one person a day walk in to check out that book?

At Podiobooks, they do.  Because I put it there.

That's not huge.  But it's something, huh?

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