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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BIG DULUTH SNOW! Tuesday 10:00 am

Today and tomorrow, the weather folks are predicting we're gonna have some serious snow problems here in Duluth MN.  Figured since I gotta do a NaBloPoMo Post, why not several, say a short one every 2 hours with updates?  (We'll see how determined I really am.)

Yesterday, didn't really look from the radar that there was much moisture to come our way.  There was a big-looking rainstorm down south, and a little whispy line of snow-clouds SW to NE moving toward us.  No big deal.

Today there's a Big Honking Snowpatch around Fargo ND, looks like it'll head our way.  So now I believe 'em.

I wonder if I've got decent batteries for my digital camera?  Lemme check; oughta do pictures, too.

Gosh darn it, I'm out.  Now what were those special batteries.  Takes AA batteries, but was it Platinum something?  I forget.  Been a while since I bought any.  (sigh)

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