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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BIG DULUTH SNOW! Tuesday 8:00 pm

Looks worse than it is.  That's what I get for using flash at night.  They're still talking 8 - 14 inches by tomorrow morning, then tomorrow we get 20-30 below wind chills, and blowing and drifting due to the wind.

Apparently they've done a bit of plowing, but they don't seem to go by on the hour.  My luck, the plow'll go by on the hour, and I'll accidentally use the flash, blind the plow driver and end up in jail because of the crash.

I really like how the color turned out in this shot.  Must be the yellow from the streetlight.  Shame you can't see the snow flying between me and the light.  Think I should dig out my tripod?  Think I should stay up all night and keep doing this every two hours?

Tomorrow, "dig out" will have a whole new meaning, I think.  Twenty below zero windchill?  I might stay in and hide under the covers.

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